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Together, We'll Build Your Ideal Space


Our trusted team works closely with commercial businesses to create ideal spaces. With valuable projects at every scale, commercial construction is a significant market sector.


With a high level of durability and quality, LTK collaborates with government organizations, public institutions, and transportation agencies, ensuring high-quality results and successful project completion.


Our team understands the importance of careful planning before starting work, thanks to our in-depth knowledge. Choose us for your next multi-residential and retirement condominium projects.


Our company has the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver a quality project that meets current construction standards. The restoration of a heritage building, done according to best practices, requires a great deal of attention to detail and expertise.

Project Management

With LTK's project control, we apply best project management practices in all phases, from initiation to delivery, ensuring that all methods and strategies deployed align with our clients' objectives and expectations.

Turnkey Project

Our company offers turnkey construction contracts, managing all stages of your project from start to finish in a simple and efficient manner. The LTK team consists of creative and bold minds seeking to transform your environment to reflect your personality.

Building Renovation and Construction

Our renovation services include design/build and general contracting. We've transformed offices and other unique spaces into beautiful, functional environments.


Looking to restore your brick or concrete walls and add a touch of design to the exterior of your building? Your project is in good hands with LTK for any repairs, replacements, or restoration of your walls and all types of masonry work.


Our carpenters possess all the necessary skills to meet our clients' professional carpentry needs. A team of specialists in wood processing and fabrication.

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